A Message from Our CEO

Hearts On Fire CEO and Co-Founder Glenn Rothman explains why Hearts On Fire is more than a diamond brand and more of a message to the world.
Length: (2:02)

Transcript of Video:

Hearts On Fire is much more than The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. Hearts On Fire is much more than a luxury brand. Hearts On Fire is a message. It is an experience of communicating emotion at a higher level.

When a diamond has perfect alignment, when a diamond has perfect proportions, when a diamond has perfect polish and when a diamond has the perfect arrangement of angles together it creates a phenomenon of light. Because when you look at HOF through our proportion scope you can see the eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and you see the eight Fireburst from the top. And so there is an amazing connection right away now I see what Hearts On Fire is.

Every time a woman wears Hearts On Fire, she'l feel better about herself.  And every time a man who may have given Hearts On Fire to a woman sees it…can you imagine how he'll feel knowing how she feels about herself.

That's what Hearts On Fire is all about that's what our goals are and that' why we have grown so quickly and why our brand has been so well embraced worldwide.

Hearts On Fire is the ultimate recognition experience.  It’s a brand it's a symbol that expresses the very best in love in positive values in personal relationships.

It's much more than a diamond.