Ilaria on the Aerial Inspiration

The Inspiration behind The Aerial Collection at Hearts On Fire.
Length: (2:36)

Transcript of Video:

The name Aerial means originating from the atmosphere. It basically wants to capture everything that lives in the atmosphere. It’s like when I designed the Double Finger Ring that I always wear, I just imagine the wind blowing around the finger, so I wanted to really crystallize it. It’s very thin, it’s very delicate, so the moment you wear it you feel like the wind.

Aerial wants to capture sunshine--like in the pendent I’m wearing because it really has this explosion of light. We call it actually an eclipse, you know when the sun is covered by the moon and you have this light coming out of that and this is basically the idea.

Even the rain. So, in this collection, we brought in the pear shapes to create that sparkle, basically like no other pear shape because it has the sparkle of a round Hearts On Fire diamond.