Ilaria on the Atlantico Inspiration

The Inspiration behind The Atlantico Collection at Hearts On Fire.
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Transcript of Video:

Atlantico!!  Well I’m very, very excited today because together with Illa is one of my most precious collections.  If Illa represents the dream that came true, then Atlantico represents the journey to achieve the dream.  The name says it all. Obviously, it’s the ocean.  With its endless movement that inspired me to create the collection.  The collection has a very distinctive look that has a kind of twisted frame that creates circles, infinity circles.  You don’t know where the line ends or where it starts.  And sometimes this circle capture a diamond that could represent a memory and achievement – whatever that is important for the person that is going to end up wearing the pendant. So, to me this collection, is really important because it represents a bit of my journey but it could be anyone’s journey.