Discover the Illa Collection

The Inspiration behind The Illa Collection at Hearts On Fire.
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Transcript of Video:

Illa was my nickname when I was a little girl. We chose the name Illa because we really like the association of this young girl having dreams, obviously. And as a grown up girl, doing a job that is truly her passion.

It’s a special one for me because it’s the first one I did when I joined Hearts On Fire. And for a brand where timelessness is so important. Stars are the typical piece of jewelry that can be passed from mother to daughter, from generation to generation and always be timeless and fashionable. 

Well I love my comet. Classic, simple, busy. There is a rockstar ring, there is a new ring that I’ve done and because I like to play, I like to be sometimes extravagant. So there is a ring that really wraps around your finger and then goes up at the end. It’s very funky, obviously. That’s really total fashion, total trend but it’s fun. Stars are trendy and they are timeless. They’ll be forever.