Ilaria on the Triplicity Inspiration

Length: (1:48)

I moved to New York about a year ago.

Everywhere I go basically influences my work.

New York is THE city.

It will always stand out among all the other cities in the world and in a way it’s like the Hearts On Fire diamond - really stands out among the other diamonds.

There is a cuff in the collection. We call it the golden cuff. You can clearly see in there the Chrysler Building, which is one of my favorite buildings New York, especially at night because when the light is up, I mean, all those triangles really radiate light all over.

The Hearst Building, I love all those triangles. So out of that I created a bracelet and a necklace that has a lot of movement into it. So the challenge was to link all the components to create pieces of jewelry that were obviously timeless. Because timelessness is the key to all Hearts On Fire jewelry.